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What customers said before Workzone collaboration tool

  • Projects are managed in too many ways – from spreadsheets to multiple online tools, sticky notes, emails, and more.
  • Planning and tracking project progress is manual and time-consuming.
  • There’s no easy way to see what my team is spending their time on, so tasks slip through the cracks and high priority projects take too long.
  • We don’t have a centralized project request process, so clients’ projects and our communication gets lost in the shuffle.
  • Other PM software tools have either been too simplistic or too complicated. We haven’t found the best project management software for us.

Workzone’s project management software is loved and trusted by leading companies in Phoenix and across the world

  • Accolades and recognitions for Workzone’s collaboration tools include:
  • Recognized by Capterra as the #1 best project management software and team collaboration tool on the market
  • Scored a 99/100 in Customer Support according to Software Advice’s project management software ratings
  • Ranked as a “High Performer” in the project management software category by G2Crowd

Why Workzone is the Best Project Management Software and Team Collaboration Tool

There are five main reasons to consider Workzone project management software:

  1. The #1 way to manage projects
  2. Easy to use for everyone on the team
  3. The most included features at no added cost
  4. Unbeatable software performance
  5. Five-star customer service

Let’s consider each of these in detail.

1. The #1 way to manage projects

  • One-of-a-kind Project Dashboard
    • Unlike other project management tools, Workzone’s dashboard gives you a view into all projects, tasks, and sub-tasks so you can analyze your workload from every angle
    • Advanced filtering puts the power in your hands – allowing you to see exactly what you’d like in seconds. Filter by date, project lead, priority, and much more.
  • Most used system for managing projects
    • The Waterfall methodology is the #1 method chosen by most project managers
    • It’s date-driven to help you set and avoid missing deadlines
    • Task dependencies automatically recalculate project schedules when dates change
  • Integrates seamlessly with visual views
    • Quickly switch from the Project Dashboard to Calendar and Timeline/Gantt Chart views to visually manage projects, deadlines, and workloads

2. Easy to use project management software for everyone on the team

  • Individual To-Do Lists
    • Top priorities filtered for each member of your team
    • Late items displayed in red to signify importance
  • Team Collaboration
    • Comment in a thread on every project, task, document, and more
  • Notifications
    • A feed of updates and alerts
    • To-do lists and alerts emailed

3. The most included project management features at no added cost

  • Project Requests and Approvals
    • Centralize your project request process with project request forms and approvals dashboard
    • Collaborators will get notified once a project has been approved
  • Project Templates
    • Save any project as a template that can be reused the next time you have a similar project or process.
    • Project templates are a huge time saver and reinforce consistent processes across the organization.
  • Advanced Reporting
    • Monitor progress and keep your executive team informed with a full portfolio of reports including graphical reports and activity logs
  • Document Management and Image Mark-up
    • Manage version history and provide mark-up in the built-in document management system
  • Resource and Time Management
    • Track your teams time, budgets, and expenses for each project and client

4. Unbeatable software performance

  • 100% uptime in the last 18+ months
    • Other products built on Amazon servers, Workzone owns and manages their servers and the uptime is better than Amazon’s
  • The fastest project management system on the market
    • Another benefit of Workzone owning their servers is they can handle data more effectively. This makes Workzone perfect for teams with a high volume of projects.

5. Five-star customer service

  • The highest-rated support
    • Customer service rated #1 (99/100) by Gartner’s Capterra, Software Advice, and GetApp
    • On-demand phone support at every level with an average response time in under 30-minutes
  • More than just software, your partner
    • Process change is hard. We’ll be by your side every step of the way to help you gain full buy-in from your team, clients, and stakeholders.

What’s holding you back?

  • How long will it take us to get up and running?
    • You can start using Workzone immediately and most users feel comfortable using the software after just a few days.
  • What happens to my data if we stop using Workzone?
    • The data can be exported to popular formats, including Microsoft Excel, for you to take with you if you decide to stop using Workzone.
  • Can you control what employees can access?
    • Yes! There are multiple access levels for employees, managers, administrators, and collaborators. Custom user groups can be easily created to provide access for individuals and groups.
  • Will it create more work?
    • Workzone will save you hours of time that is usually spent on confirming project specifics, hunting down email communication, and switching from system to system.
  • Is my data secured?
    • Data is transmitted using financial-grade high-security 256-bit SSL. All data is backed up hourly and stored at a secure, off-site facility, with 24/7 surveillance.
  • How much does it cost?
    • Workzone gives you more a robust feature set than lower-level project management tools, and is more affordable than other mid- and enterprise-level project management tools, making it the price-performance leader.

Picture This…

  • No more micro-managing your team and projects – let the system do it for you
  • Easily plan and track progress – no more missed deadlines
  • Work anywhere – on-sight or remotely
  • Reduce time spent in meetings and in email
  • Streamline collaboration on projects with other departments and clients
  • View and share reports in seconds
  • Affordable!
  • Have time to work on new strategic initiatives
  • You can go home on time!

Next Steps…

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